We would like to invite you to join us at the Thai Massage School of Thailand International Conference – TMC Conference here in Chiang Mai February 4-5, 2017.

We are hosting the conference to bring TMC students from the last 14 ½ years and future ones to meet and enjoy new classes and more learning from renown professors of Chiang Mai. The topics are very beneficial to massage therapists and students alike. They are aiming to better understand and to cope with the concept of pain – that we all have one time or another and want to get rid of them with massage if we can.

Each subject will give some ideas and know how to handle pain in variety ways plus effective way to communicate and handle successful business. You will be able to take home the true knowledge that can actually help someone you care to ease the pain and to feel whole again. This is the first time of such the conference for Thai massage related field with speakers from these fields to meet and present to the audience. So, don't miss this great opportunity.

The second most important objective of this conference is for us to meet each other again!

Conference holds at a prestigious conference place with full capacity for this monumental event. Space is limited, register early to reserve seat and receive early bird discount.

To register online, click here.

TMC is leading the world in Thai massage education and community services.

Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai and Thai Massage School of Thailand (TMC):
TMC have been participating in expanding Thai massage education to both in Thailand and internationally. TMC receive invitation in exchange education from several countries in four continents.  In some countries, there were repeated occasions. The lists of the countries are:
Honk Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Egypt, Australia, Canada, United States of America and over one hundred training for community services in Thailand.

The following are some of the training to communities in Thailand and conferences and training in other countries.

Comments from a GCT teacher:

The time I spent at your nice school changed my view of the world completely. Especially the week of teaching at the facility, comparing with those girls, my life seems very easy… That’s why I promised myself to work extra hard back in Belgium to build a high quality image about Thai Massage…"

Eva: Belgium 2004: Government Certified Teacher



Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai and Thai Massage School of Thailand presentation at the 7th Chiang Mai International Health Conference 2014.
"Longevity Lifestyle by Lanna Health Hub"

The event was a joint cooperation by the governor of Chiang Mai, the Public Health, the Commerce and Education Departments and also by the Health Association, Massage and Spa Association, Thai Massage School Association. The conference was honored by dignitaries from several embassies and consulates and local international private sectors.

TMC students attended the conference.

Participants from variety sectors and TMC teachers.

Jan Chaithavuthi presentation on "The Magic Box of Life That is Never Empty" with Karen Landrum (GCT student) partner to recitation on this inspiring talk.

Conference: Lanna Health Hub ICETM 2011: Chiang Mai International Conference and Exhibition on Thai Traditional Medicine  “Massage for Senior” by Assistant Professor Suliphorn Cheewapanitch, representative professor on behalf of Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai.

Conference: Chiang Mai International Health Promotion Meeting 2010:  “Experience Natural Balance with Lanna Culture”  Guest Speaker “Thai Massage Ancient Healing for Body and Mind” by Jan Chaithavuthi, President Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai.

Conference: Chiang Mai International Health Promotion Meeting 2009: “Live Longer and with Happiness” Guest Speaker “Benefits and Future of Thai Massage – Business and Net Working” by Ms. Jan Chaithavuthi, President Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai TMC, by Jan Chaithavuthi, joined the founders and directors on several Thai massage schools in Chiang Mai in presentation on Thai massage to the Chiang Mai International Health Promotion Meeting 2009 organized by Chiang Mai Province, Office of Commercial Affairs, and Chiang Mai Health Services.

For more community training in Thailand Click Here

Training: Chiang Mai International Health Promotion Meeting 2010:  “Experience Natural Balance with Lanna Culture”.  Kanchanoo Muangsiri, Co-founder and School Director, Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai presented the training of “Thai Massage with Safety, Politeness and Effectiveness”.

Training: Baba Farid Naturopathy & Yoga Care Center Faridcot, Punjab, India 2010:    TMC presented “Thai Massage Healing for Special Children” training by Assistant Professor Suliphorn Cheewapanitch, representative professor on behalf of Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai and TMC teacher to 16 staff members of the center and the parents of the children without any cost to the center. The report from the Director of the center has been amazing improvement to the children when receive Thai massage in combination with the routine treatment.

Click here for details


Conference: Natural Health Practitioners of Canada’s NHPC 2008:  Jan Chaithavuthi was a plenary speaker in the subject of “Thai Massage the Thai Way: Healing Body and Mind” and follow with a workshop on “Thai Massage Relieving Energy Blockage” to the member therapists at the NHPC National Conference in Alberta, Canada.

Presentation the text book Thai Massage the Thai Way: Healing Body and Mind (second edition) to M.K Brennon the president of American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and to Liz Lucas the CEO/Executive Director of AMTA who were the keynote speakers at the NHPC conference.

Conference: San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology, California, U.S.A. 2008: Jan taught the workshop subject “Thai Massage Relieving Energy Blockage” to the SFIEC students.

Conference: Australia Association of Massage Therapist 2007: AAMT invited Jan Chaithavuthi and Kanchanoo Muangsiri, directors and lecturers of TMC to speak at the plenary session about “Thai Massage and Pain” during AAMT annual conference 2007 in Melbourne, Australia.

Workshop: Jan and Noo presented “Thai Seated Chair (Seated) Massage” workshop for AAMT’s members during post conference on 5 June 2007 with a large interested group.

Training: Vodung School in Viet Nam 2007: TMC teachers taught the Comprehensive Thai Massage courses at Vodung School in Viet Nam. The graduated students will be able to perform Thai massage to the public. Some of the students have continued higher levels at TMC Thailand.

Trainings of Foundation of Thai Massage to young women at a beautician school in Viet Nam to    apply Thai massage knowledge to their career in June 2007.

Training: Daegu University, Korea 2007: TMC teacher was invited by the university professor who attended Thai massage class at TMC to present Thai massage training to a group of physiotherapists at Daegu University in Korea.

Conference: Egypt Festival and Tour "International Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga Retreatment and Yoga Dance Festival 2006: Kanchanoo Muangsiri - School Director, has been invited to present Thai Massage to this part of the world at Egypt Festival and Tour "International Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga Retreatment and Yoga Dance Festival.


Training: Pro Therapist Academy, Singapor during 2006: TMC teachers have trained several classes under education exchange with PTA.


Training: TMC School Singapore in 2006: TMC Thailand in joint training with the GCT teacher and in Thai massage classes at TMC Singapore School.

Training: Palm Beach Foot Reflexology Center, Manila, Philippines in 2006. TMC teacher trained Thai Foot and Chair massage courses to the center staff.


Training: Bann Sabai Massage Center, Philippines in 2005. TMC teacher trained Thai massage courses to the center staff. The center owners have visited TMC in the later year.

TMC was so happy to greet old friends from Ban Sabai Massage Shop from  the Philippines in January 2007. The owners had requested TMC teachers to train their staff for 3 trips in the past 2 years.

Conference: International Beauty Showcase, Malaysia 2004: Presentation of Thai massage to the Beauty conference by invitation of Jejari Spa, Malaysia. Kanchanoo Muangsiri TMC School Director, present a workshop in Thai Massage and the use of herbal ball for spa massage at International Beauty Showcase.

Graduates of Thai Massage training and the use of herbal ball in spa at Jejari Spa Learning Center.


Training: Anglee Cosmetic Co., Taiwan in 2004: TMC school director and senior teacher trained beautician staff of Anglee Cosmetic Co. for basic Thai Massage and the use of herbal ball  in spa.


: International Spinal Institute in Hong Kong, 2003. TMC school director and senior teachers teach Thai Massage classes to students with the joint cooperation with Spinal Institute.

Community Training in Thailand

TMC provide training to several organizations and community centers and group in the northern part of Thailand for charity of sharing knowledge to help others. Some are official places and the training enabled them to apply Thai massage to serve their patients. Some are groups of people that seeking Thai massage for their career. Some are to improve their health and for their love ones. A few classes were taught to disabled people and their family to be able to help one another.

The following are some of the training we have offered from our hearts to the people of Thailand:

Community Training: Juvenile Detention Facility (JDS) in Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai.

From year 2013 – 2015, GCT students, as part of the course requirement of Teacher Training Program, has been teaching community students 2 courses per 300 hour program. TMC conducts community teaching more than 8-10 courses/year. The total Thai massage community students trained including JDS students are over two thousands in 2012.

Thung Hua Health Promoting Hospital (HPH), ThunHua subdistrict, Lampang province 2010:  TMC was invited to teach Comprehensive Thai Massage to a group of 22 participants among them were health care volunteers, the hospital staff, physicians, registered nurses and interested villagers including the head of the village. The hospital earned the government grant to support the teachers traveling and manual expenses for this one month long program. (TMC did not charge students for any tuition fee.) The purpose of the training was to provide Thai massage knowledge to people involve in health care to offer as alternative healing for the villagers. The result is impressive. Several therapists make career out of Thai massage and able to help the local people. The hospital open Thai massage clinic and offer to the patients as a choice of health care with government reimbursement system.
TMC also accepted the hospital staff to further training in 2011at TMC school without any charge.


Community Group, Wang Nua district, Lampang province 2010: TMC teachers team up with TMC  students from the community to offer Thai massage services to the people in the area.


Disabled and Family Groups, Wang Nua district, Lampang Province 2006-2008:
The unprecedented event in Thai massage training happened here. TMC set up the teaching plan for the disabled adults who were determine to perform Thai massage for a living. The participants have variety type of disabilities from missing one arm, one leg, both leg amputated, blind, deft, and someone with cerebral palsy. The families of the disabled persons were also invited to attend to learn the knowledge for their love ones and to earn income from the trade. The result can be seen from above service at the temple.


Special Disability Support Education Center, Lum Poon Province 2008:  TMC set up special training Comprehensive Thai Massage for disabled children for the staff and parents of the special children at the center to apply as part of therapeutic for the children. The parents can utilize the knowledge for their children at homes and some use to earn income. The outcome has been encouraging. The result often right before the eyes! The autistic child would stop and receive massage peacefully. The weak child would have strength to give a little massage back to the parent. The center applies massage modality as part of therapeutic healing to the children during home visit. The staff teach simple techniques to the parents to continue giving massage to the children.


Community Group Faham Subdistrict Administration Organization, Chiang Mai 2008:  
By invitation of the administration, TMC presented the Thai Foot Massage class to the group members. They will utilize the trade for their own use and for earn income. The group is near by the school. This participation is part of helping one another.


Disabled Adult at Chiang Dao Disabled Center, Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai 2007-2012:
The center is Chiang Dao followed the pattern from what TMC set up at Lampang center. Another
unprecedented event in Thai massage training happened here. TMC set up the teaching plan for the disabled adults who were determine to perform Thai massage to help among themselves and to earn a living. The participants have variety type of disabilities from missing one arm, one leg,  deft, and with both legs deformed.
Within a few months several members of the center were able to walk again after suffered from stroke and partial paralyzed for years. This is from the massage, self exercise with the use of equipments available at the center and the activity they join at the center boost up their spirit. Now they continue working with painting the Earth Bag part of the support from SPF and TMC.

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