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Deposit, Tuition Fee, Withdraw, Drop-to-Return:

Our wish is for students to achieve their goals in obtaining the right education they are seeking with total satisfaction. TMC has considered to assist students with the choice made on a very accommodating refund policy as follows:

Deposit Choices…

Make Deposit for Confirmation:
Students and school need to make plan for classes - deposit ensures the space and the class for students. A 10% deposit of the tuition fee is required. This system is good for students making definite traveling plan to take class. Once the school accepted the deposit, the school will make sure to have the class and space available for students (except circumstances beyond the schools’ control) even only 1 student – class shall open with high quality as promised!

Deposit – Postponed - No Lost:
The deposit is non-refundable. If the students’ plan changed, just contact the school to postpone the class or to change to different course (when available), prior to class date, and apply the paid deposit to the future class tuition fee within 2 years.

Enrollment without Deposit is Possible:
Students may contact school for available classes without making deposit in case of having technically difficult/inconvenient of online payment. However, the enrollment without deposit may not be guaranteed for space or for classes unless accepted by the school.

Visit School to Decide:
Some seekers may wish to visit more schools and then make final decision.
That is wise when you are able to be in the area longer and have time to do so.
We encourage and welcome interested students to visit schools and get details to make the right choice.

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If you cannot make personal visit, then take a virtual tour and check out other details in the website to arrive at your conclusion of what would be the best school for you.

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Thai Massage Demonstration at TMC School


Tuition Fee Refund Choices…

Students pay full tuition fee at the first day of class less deposit paid.

Choices when students cannot continue classes:

At any time of the course, students may request one of the following:

Drop Now - Come Back Later - Easy to Do
Drop the course for future return within 3 years:
Students will be able to attend available future class and pay only 10% administrative fee of the remaining period (except the course that received discount when paid for a full program will have to pay 10% of the entire fee) when return and will not have to pay any increased tuition fee in the future class – if any. This is good for students who wish to complete the program but cannot do it as originally planned or there is an emergency or personal reason.

Withdraw - Want a Refund: Choices…

Refund - No More Classes:

Students receive a full refund on the remaining unattended days of the course less 20% administrative fee of the marked course enrolled, not the course which partially taken or of the full tuition fee.

Note: Student changes course is not entitled for discount. Calculation of refund is based on full tuition fee deducted from actual payment.

We Welcome You to Come Back:

Students may return to continue the same program in the future after withdrawal by contact the school for approval of the available program, pay remaining fee (rate when return) of the program plus 10% administrative fee of the remaining    period.

Make Good Use of All the Money:

Students may apply the 20% administrative fee charged for the withdrawal to other available courses (but not the same program). This choice is good when students continue and complete the new courses within 6 months from the withdrawal date. Students pay for the different of new courses and may not receive the refund on the different if the new courses fees are less than the 20% administrative fee. This choice apply only to the withdrawal students and not transferable.

Keep All the Good Memory and More…

Students get to keep all text book/workbook and gift given in the class attended.
(All loan books must return per loan policy)
Students will earn credit when complete required hour per course and may receive diploma of the level taken. [This means if student enrolled for long program, he/she may receive diploma for shorter program completed when withdraw or drop.]

NOTE: The policy applies to future enrollment, until further notice, and applicable to the drop and withdrawal course when return to continue but not retroactive to the past withdraw courses.


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