Government Certified Teacher and Professional of Thai Massage 300 & 600 Hour Program (GCT)

The students of these prestigious and disciplinary curriculum learn the ancient art of Thai massage both theory and practical education in classroom. They get opportunity to learn the art from the wisdom of the Thais by learning and giving back to the community.

The Field Training provides memorable and unique experiences to the students.

GCT students have opportunity as part of the course requirements to teach community students under closed supervision of TMC teachers.


“Anatomy and Pathology in Relation to Thai Massage Study on Human Body  at the Cadaver Lab” at Chiang Mai University Medical Center:

The life time experience of this class is taught by Dr. Vipavadee Chaisuksunt, Ph.D. Neurology and Assistant Professor Yingpan Anusri from Chiang Mai University Faculty of Medicine. The professors will go in-depth with students on how the muscles, tendon, blood vessels, nerve and lymph look underneath our skin!
The professors will explain how the muscle and organs function and show the cautionary areas to Thai massage also the contraindication in relation to the human body. Students will receive class preparation from TMC school and a lab manual prior to attend the class at the university.
Students will receive the certificate of attendance from Chiang Mai University Medical Center for the class.


Healing Massage Services to Elderly at the Senior Center:

Professional and Teacher training students attend more formal education training, lecture and workshop in-depth and in boarder understanding than other programs. Students perform Thai massage in advance level for community of senior at the senior center and special children at the center. They apply knowledge they learned for the special people under the teacher’s guidance and supervision.


Therapeutic Massage for Senior with Stroke Conditions:

The Government Certified Teacher 600 hour program interns offer therapeutic massage service to the more severe conditions seniors at the retirement center of Chiang Mai. Most of the elderly here have complication of stroke and other ailments.


The Touch of Love-Healing Massage for the Special Children at the Children Center in Sarapee:

This massage is not just from the hands but from the hearts and souls! Children in general are vulnerable yet when their bodies/minds are not fully function it makes their world less joy and more love and care are needed for them.
The massage from i5 and GCT students give the children more than physical healing but it transfers the life force to strengthen them and to leave with them the hope for better days ahead.
[TMC donate month funding to Special People Foundation (SPF) to provide continuous support for several children to receive their education development at this center.]


Massage Service at the Center for Disabled People Chiang Dao - by SPF:

In some occasions the GCT interns will have opportunity to go to Chiang Dao (70 KM from Chiang Mai city) and offer healing massage to the disabled adults with partial paralyzed conditions and some severe disabled children. The center is founded and under support of SPF by TMC and donation funding.
At this place, one can see miracle appear right in front from the determination to self reliance—a simple touch of massage and necessity support can lift up numbers of them to get on their feet and able to walk again.
What the people need are love and a chance to improve!


Thai Traditional Medicine Local Wisdom Yam Kang & Tok Sen:

Tok Sen: Tok Sen is an art of massage that part of the ancient art using wooden pads and apply on Sen (massage line) along the body following Sen Sib. This ancient technique is very helpful when apply with Thai massage to reduce tension on large muscle and lessen the strenuous on the therapist thumbs. TMC follow this ancient teaching and apply with Thai massage modality to solve conditions. Students will learn this art in a full day class and will be able to apply with Thai massage technique effectively. The wooden tool set will be given to student at no charge.

Yam Kang: Yam Kang is ancient Thai massage therapeutic using heat. This is the sacred technique. The therapist must be totally discipline to the teaching. The technique is dipping foot in the sacred herbal oil then pressing foot quickly on the heated iron plough blade. The therapist press the foot on the receiver's body mostly on the back, legs, feet, arm. The teacher will demonstrate on students to experience the healing effect.

Botanical Field Study at the Queen Botanical Garden:

 Enjoy the vast filed of plants and herbs study—the largest of northern Thailand and a place where nearby countries also come to study plants and herbs. The Botanical garden hosts numbers of rear plants. Students will receive charts of plants and their properties while take a closer look and study at each one.

Students enjoy lunch at the garden scenery and explore their teaching potential by leading group to perform some exercises or some tasks. The elephant happen to join in!

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