The first Royal awarded school from His Majesty the King; Thai Massage school in Thailand.
TMC follows vast qualified indications strictly according to the award. TMC achieved the highest dream
for any school to wish for pioneering in the project

Dr. Sudhee is TMC honorary academic advisor
The King Royal Award 2005 Best Thai Massage Vocational School 15(2) category
The highest Achievement Certification Given by the Ministry of Education

The highest Achievement Certification Given by the Ministry of Education

TMC received the award of excellent education in all 12 categories from the Thai Ministry of Education Department for the award year of 2013. This is the assurance that the quality of education at TMC meets all requirements.  We at TMC always monitor and improve our quality ongoing basis. We believe and totally commit to provide the highest quality education to true seekers of Thai massage knowledge from around the world.  We perform what we mention in our website.

Our History

TMC Logo
Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai
Thai Massage School of Thailand

Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, founded in 2001, inaugurated by Mr.Udom Puasakul, Deputy Governor of Chiang Mai Province at that time, (2012: Director General, Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning), highest honored by Dr. Chao Duangduan na Chiang Mai, Lanna Pricess (the president of Chiang Mai Culture Office who is the most prominent and respected figure of northern Thailand) presided over the opening of the school. Thai Massage School Thailand was later founded in 2002 with extensive courses.

Both schools are operated with strong determination by Jan Chaithavuthi and Kanchanoo Muangsiri to aim for high standard of Thai massage teaching. The purpose is to preserve the ancient art of teaching and promote integrity of Thai massage. Two schools are located near each other on the bank of Mae Khao Canal, a short distance outskirt of the busy city life.

TMC School
TMC School
TMC School
TMC School
School and Canal
School and Canal
School and Canal
School and Canal

Our Philosophy

Knowledge is sacred-the seeker is a noble one.

Thus, the giver must be totally sincere and honest.

We strive to give the highest quality education.

TMC students are people of the world.  They are from all walks of lives over 100 countries with their cultures,  beliefs,  experiences and backgrounds in lives and careers. They are nearly 20,000 students (from 2002 -2018) from 13 years old to 81 years old.  Some come in pair – mother and son,  mother and daughter,  father and son,  husband and wife,  sisters, brothers, brother and sisters,  teacher and pupil,  friends,  partners,  the rest are strangers and become friends.  Their background and occupations are varieties from teachers, physicians,  nurses,  doctors in various knowledge,  NASA scientist,  physicists,  yoga instructors,  massage therapists in all fields,  social workers,  psychologists,  office managers, bankers,  fishermen,  sales,  office workers,  factory workers,  farmers, Marines,  soldiers, policemen,  businessmen and women,  college students, high school students,  retired people,  monk,  nuns,  lawyers,  people seeking new way of work,  people tired of their careers and want to change,  people who just want to learn the ancient art of healing  to help others, and more…

You will be a part of the world of beautiful souls.  We are all here for the same reason to learn Thai massage and to be kind to one – another.  You might meet friends from past life or find a new one in this life,  or just passing through with the joy of Thai massage.

These photos represent a few of us here at TMC – your Thai massage school…

School and CanalSchool and Canal

In the field of education, accreditation is an important factor for the institution and the students.  TMC are granted with following accreditations from governmental departments, prestigious organizations and institutions as follows:

Both TMC schools are accredited and approved by the Thai Ministry of education with school permits to offer approved curriculum to the general public according to the department guideline and requirements.

TMC curriculum meets requirement from Thai Ministry of Public Health regarding professional therapists. Thai students who attend TMC courses and complete required hours may perform Thai massage as massage therapists.

TMC curriculum meets the requirement of the Ministry of Labor Department. Students complete required hour courses may undertake the Skill Test for certificate to apply to work as Thai massage therapists aboard.

TMC has teachers certified and hold the post in the National Committee for Skills and Testing Standard in Thai Massage of the Labor and Development Department    

TMC has educational exchange rapport with Chiang Mai University department of Physical Therapy in exchange of Thai massage education. The department, under the mentorship of Assistant Professor Pienchai Khamwong, Ph.D., P.T. often bring exchange physical therapy students from Australia to take part in Thai massage training at TMC.



TMC has received education assistant and training from the Department of Physical Therapy to lecture TMC students of professional level and teacher training programs by Dr.Attit and Arjan Araya.

The Physical Therapy Department provided physical therapy for disabled children and adults under the support of TMC and Special People Foundation.

TMC teacher training students (GCT) attend Anatomy Cadaver Lab class at Chiang Mai University Faculty of Medicine.

To support our international students for their education in Thai massage and continuing education for the professional in the field to renew their licensing, TMC has pioneered the continuing education by started application for this process for the Thai massage schools in Thailand. Thus, making it possible today for many massage schools to offer continuing education hours to international students from around the world in Thailand.

Dr. Sudhee is TMC honorary academic advisor

Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai is approved by the (USA) National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education approved provider. American Massage Therapist Association Members of AMTA may take CE courses at TMC under same guideline as NCBTMB For course list click here

TMC is the first Thai massage school in Thailand to be recognized by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic and Body Work (NCBTMB) of the USA and received approval for CE Provider # 403533-00 since 2004  and continue until the present time with approval of 24 courses for the NCBTMB members to explore their learning Thai massage field.



      AMTA: Members

For course list click here
Florida Board of Massage

For course list click here

Georgia Board of Massage

For course list click here
California Registered Nurses

TMC is the only Thai massage school authorized by the California State Board of Registered Nursing as approved provider #CEP 15177 to offer courses in Thai Massage  to California registered nurses in Thailand. This is the encouraging steps for Thai massage to be a part of healing for California nurses to apply with their patients who can benefit from this healing art.
This deed is most honored by Jan – the co -founder of TMC from spending over 20 years as a registered nurse in California and finally able to bring the art of Thai massage that she believes in the healing benefits to the hands of California nurses.

Dr. Sudhee is TMC honorary academic advisor

Massage & Myotherapy Australia. TMC is accredited by Massage & Myotherpy Australia (formally AAMT) for Professional Massage Education (CEP)
For course list click here

When MMA members inquired TMC if we could apply for CEP provider status so the students can earn continuing education credit for their association, we contact the association for this regard. What we received was the notion that after reviewing TMC application and curriculum details, the management team of MMA would like to visit the school to evaluate prior to making the decision.
In 2005, TMC was the first school Australia Association of Massage Therapists ever awarded CEP status outside Australia and continue to be in good standing.  

 MMA and TMC also engaged in the exchange of education by setting study group tour for MMA members along with board of director members to TMC school for Thai massage education.MMA had invited TMC directors to join MMA conference and   workshop in Australia with successful result of full - house attendance for the workshop in Thai Seated Massage.          

Both institutions continue strong friendship in building the same goal of high standard education for their members and other learners.

Recently, Tricia Hughes CEO of MMA appeared at TMC International Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand as the keynote speaker on 4th Feb 2017 on the How to Build a Credible and Successful Business with enthusiastic welcome from the participants. Follow with a warm visit to TMC school.

Dr. Sudhee is TMC honorary academic advisor

Natural Health Practitioners of Canada:NHPC

Important Announcement

Subject: TMC graduates Gaining Membership at NHPC or Teaching Program for NHPC members:

NHPC Credentials Committee convened and reached the decision on 25 November 2021 as follow:

  1. The NHPC does not pre-approve continuing education courses. This means that if someone teaches the approved program such as Foundation of Thai Massage and Thai Massage enhancement (Level 1 and 2 ) 60 hour program, it does not need to go through any agencies for recognition or approval. NHPC members can take the above 60-hour course for continuing education credits. While they can use what they learn in the course in their practice, they cannot add Thai Massage (S) as one of their modalities for which they have professional liability insurance coverage because the association no longer recognizes Thai Massage at the Specialization level. Please note that existing members who took the 60-hour program prior to 2016 have Thai Massage (S) as one of their listed modalities and are still covered by their liability insurance.

    Explain: TMC Teachers can teach any classes like Level 1, 2 or 3 or combination or the 60 hour program to NHPC members for CE credit but not for specialization. No need to ask for anyone permission. But first you must join NHPC and you can do so – see #2.

  2. The NHPC decided in 2016 to recognize Thai Massage at the Discipline level only. This recognition includes TMC’s programs:

    Intensive Professional Thai Massage 150 Hour Program: under Discipline Level
    Professional & Teacher Training 300 Hour Program: under Discipline Level
    Professional & Teacher Training 600 Hour Program: under Discipline Level

    The association does recognize programs at the Discipline level (minimally 150 hours) that have been approved by the Thai Ministry of Education.

    Explain: If anyone studied Thai massage program at TMC of the above 3 programs or at any Thai massage schools in Thailand who have been approved by the Thai Ministry of Education for 150 hour or more program, they will be honored to join NHPC membership.

    So take classes from the schools that offer approved classes 150 hour or more and join NHPC.

  3. TMC Teachers who teaches Thai Massage programs at the Discipline level (150 hour program which has been approved by the Thai Ministry of Education), their students do not have to go through THAI or NBTAE. Graduates of the programs at the Discipline level can either gain membership, or if they are existing members, can add Thai Massage (D) to their profile.

Explain:  You can teach 150 hour program and your students can join NHPC. If your students are NHPC members, they can add Thai Massage (D) to their profile and get liability insurance coverage.

Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai isapproved by the National Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) for Continued Competency Program. For course list click here.

NHPC acknowledge TMC as the Thai massage school for their members since 2004 and with several exchange group study tours for NHPC members to TMC. TMC director was invited to present lecture during NHPC conference in Canmore to present lecture of Thai massage to the NHPC conference in 2008.

TMC was honored by the official visit of NHPC General Manager.

Both TMC and NHPC continue to join efforts to improve the quality of Thai massage for the benefit of the public.

Honesty and Credentials Matter

Today, expanding world of massage field being an important healthcare as alternative healing, interested learners are seeking globally in the field of massage knowledge. For people wishing to have quality and genuine education in Thai massage, the task of selecting massage school and college in a faraway places—like Thailand is a major task.

The prudent way is to investigate education places for their standard, integrity, honesty, quality and above all sincerely and trustworthy.

Credentials stand for education.  The school or college must earn approved license from government agency to function and operate as such. This is one part that students need to look for. However, like everything else in the world, sometimes, only stamp of approval may not be sufficient.

What would be the right way to seek the right one then?

What matters more than credentials is honesty. The education providers must be able to perform what they promise to give and stand for the principle of truth and quality education.   Hence, choosing a place for education by looking for having both credentials and honesty is the first step to succeed in one’s learning adventure.

The following organizations, institutes, hospitals, health centers, business places, schools, colleges, temples and centers around the world who recognize TMC schools as the education place that meet their required or expected standard.

In Thailand

  1. Ministry of Education appointed Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai to be the vocational training for Thai massage to community group study during 2015 training under special funding.
  2. Ministry of Education awarded the Excellent Education status for all required 12 categories to Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai for the year of 2013
  3. Ministry of Public Health: Recognized and approved TMC’s curriculum to qualify Thai students who complete the training to practice Thai massage for health in the massage work place without having to take work permit examination from the department.
  4. Ministry of Labour: Appointed Kanchanoo Muangsiri, TMC school director, to sit on the “National Committee Board of Office of Skill Standards and Testing Development for Thai Massage Practitioners”. Thai massage practitioners must obtain permit to work aboard from the labor department by passing the national testing to ensure high quality.
  5. The Office of the Governor of Chiang Mai
  6. Dr. Chao Duangduan na Chiang Mai the president of Chiang Mai Cultural Office
  7. Chiang Mai University (inviting teachers on special course "Thai Massage for new career" to northern community groups organized by the university under support of TAT)
  8. Anatomy Cadaver Lab Department, Chiang Mai Medical University
  9. Young Women Development Center, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai in cooperation with Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai and GCT teacher training program to integration of Thai massage training for professional for young women at the center as part of the educational year.
  10. Physical Therapy Department, Chiang Mai University in cooperation on development treatment for special children.
  11. Chiang Mai Health Services Promotional Association.
  12. Chiang Mai Thai Massage School Club
  13. Lanna Thai Medical Federation
  14. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Chiang Mai Regional Office
  15. Chiang Mai Cultural Council Department
  16. Special People Foundation in  cooperation with TMC to provide massage service and training for the special people in northern Thailand
  17. Special Children Development Center, Lumpoon District, Thailand
  18. The Foundation for the Welfare of the Mental Retarded of Thailand, Sarapee, Chiang Mai provide on going support to the children. Interns from TMC offer massage services to the special children at this center during their training.
  19. Animal Health Center, Veterinarian Department, Chiang Mai University
  20. Ob Luang national Park, Royal Forest Department for community career training at the national park
  21. Juvenile Detention Facility Training Center, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai
    (Implemented on-going basis Thai Massage vocational curriculum to train 150 teenagers per year)
  22. American Consulate, Chiang Mai
  23. Chang Puek Hospital, Chiang Mai
  24. Senior Home (Ban Tammapagorn), Chiang Mai
  25. Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, Chiang Mai
  26. Chiang Mai Labour Protection and Welfare Office
  27. Rejoice Urban Development Project (for Children), Chiang Mai
  28. Good Health: community alternative, Chiang Mai
  29. Chiang Mai Buddhakasetra Foundation, Buddist Center
  30. Lampang Elephant School and Hospital Center
  31. Community Development Center, Sunkumpang, Chiang Mai
  32. Municipal Office, Yang Neang, Chiang Mai
  33. Wat Kukam School, Sunpatong, Chiang Mai
  34. Housewife Group, Sanpatong, Chiang Mai
  35. Tom Yum Magazine, Bangkok, Thailand
  36. Wat Nong Ya Nang, Uthaitanee
  37. Community Health and Wellness Center, Tung Hou, Lumpang
  38. Selaphoom Provincial Hospital, Roy-Ed
  39. Dara Ratsami Hospital, Chiang Mai
  40. Rajanagarindra Institute of Child Development, Chiang Mai

Around the World

  1. Thai Embassy and Consulate around the world Recognized as accredited vocational Thai Massage school, qualified student to apply for Education Visa and spouse for non immigrant visa.
  2. National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), USA.
  3. American Massage Therapist Association (AMTA), USA Members of AMTA may take CE courses at TMC under same guideline as NCBTMB.
  4. California Board of Registered Nursing, U.S.A.
    Provider approved by the California State Board of Registered Nursing,
    Provider # CEP 15177, for 30 Contact Hours (All short courses are eligible.)
  5. Natural Health Practitioner of Canada (NHPC) accredited for credential programs to become members of NHPC.
  6. Massage & Myotherapy Australia (MMR), Australia Approved provider of professional massage education points PME for members.
  7. The Institute of Natural Therapies (INT), USA: State of Michigan Education Department approved courses of Level I, II and III at TMC.
  8. Florida Board of Massage Therapists USA Members may take CE courses at TMC under same guideline as NCBTMB.
  9. Georgia Board of Massage Therapists USA Members may take CE courses at TMC under same guideline as NCBTMB.
  10. Trip Advisor
  11. Faridcot Centers for Special Children, Punjab, India affiliated with Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai under exchanged training for Thai Massage for special children.
  12. International Spinal Institute, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  13. Pro Therapist Academy, Singapore: Singapore Education Department approved courses of Level I,II, III, Table Thai Massage and Herbal Ball from TMC for training at PTA.
  14. UTouch Inc., Florida, U.S.A.
  15. Trade and Travel Representative of Thailand in Ukraine.
  16. Lonely Planet guidebook .
  17. Brookfield Massage Therapy, USA .
  18. Grandview Massage Therapy Clinic, Vancouver, British Columbia.
  19. Venus Massage Centre, N.Y., USA.
  20. Jejari Spa and Learning Centre, Malaysia.
  21. Anglee Cosmetic Co., Taiwan.
  22. Bann Sabai Massage Shop, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.
  23. Bann Sabai Massage Shop, Manila, Philippines.
  24. Palm Beach Reflexology Center, Manila, Philippines.
  25. Holistic Academy of Massage Therapy, Ipoh, Malaysia.
  26. Baba Farid Center for Special Children: Punjab, India.
  27. SingTrain Academy, Singapore
  28. Massage-art, Germany
  29. Kinaree Garden Spa, Japan
  30. Athens Massage Academy, Greece
  31. Centre Tawan, Geneva, Switzerland
  32. Seneji Studio, Japan
  33. Relaxation Dee, Japan
  34. Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Germany
  35. TME Thai Massage Europe, Spain, Germany
  36. TMC Lotus, Spain
  37. Moving Zen, Peru
  38. Yoga Therapy Marbella, Spain
  39. Praktijk Voor Traditionele Thaise Ontspanningstechnieken,   Netherlands
  40. Masaje Xiao Ying Home, Spain
  41. Yogi Nomad, Worldwide
  42. Thai Massage for All, Italy, Turkey
  43. Yoma, Germany
  44. Igauzu Holistic Massage, Greece
  45. Trunnikov Healing School, Russia
  46. Vo Dung Service Trading Company, Viet Nam
  47. Yoga Massage, Germany
  48. Nuad, Singapore
  49. AIM Spa Academy, India
  50. Sen Sib Thai Massage Traditional Clinic, Portugal
  51. TMC School Chile, Chile
  52. Institue of Natural Therapies, USA
  53. Pro Therapist Academy, Singapore
  54. Centronuadmx, Mexico
  55. Sen Sib Dix Lignes d’ e’nergie, Paris, France
  56. Tianhu, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  57. Bodhi Thai Massage, Canada
  58. Emtchile, Santiago, Chile
  59. Kaitrue Alternative-Therapy Institute of Education, Kenting (Pingtung), Taiwan
  60. Thai Massage Workshops, Berlin, Germany
  61. Suriya Thai Massage, Netherlands and Chile
  62. BaoJing International College, Taipei, Taiwan

  63. We care for your time and education investment – beyond tuition fee- every minute counts at TMC…

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