The highest Achievement Certification Given by the Ministry of Education

Standard 1
Philosophy and objectives of the school is appropriate and applicable to school's vision and implementation.
Standard 2
Course syllabus is based on the need of learners, community and society.
Standard 3
Teaching and learning is efficiently carried out according to course objective.
Standard 4
Examination and evaluation system is applicable to real situation.
Standard 5
Teachers are knowledgeable of the subject matters and their performances are professional.
Standard 6
Students’ accomplishments are highly achieved.
Standard 7
Students have ideal attitude toward learning.
Standard 8
Management team is professional.
Standard 9
School management system is effective.
Standard 10
School facilities and atmosphere are appropriate to course objective and sufficient for use.
Standard 11
Other supporting service including security system enhances teaching and learning.
Standard 12
The school has good relation and has community based education development.

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