Massage Special Child Un Un at TMC School

TMC is not only teaching Thai massage but also implement the teaching to serving the community.

TMC founders established Special People Foundation (SPF) in order to support and disabled people-adults and children. Beside financial support to SPF, TMC school apply Thai massage for the special people to improve their conditions and to several have changed their lives.

Thai massage curriculum at TMC from the foundation to the therapeutic courses are applicable to massage for disabled people – people with physical conditions – such as stroke, paralyzed or other conditions. The school offer training to center of special children and to community with the disabled themselves and to family. The training helps improve their conditions and also help them feel better of themselves.

For special children, TMC train the parents to massage the children. The evidence is in the children improvement of their ability to perform task that they have not been able to do before such as able to sit up, able to eat, able to learn more etc.

Thai massage is an effective combination of other development and treatment for the special children and are accepted in several centers today. The evidence is also in the report from the    Baba Farid Center for Special Children Faridcot, Punjab, India indicated the improvement from Thai massage in combination with other modality treatment than without Thai massage.

At TMC school, we are training Un-Un and her parent to Thai massage. Un Un receives massage once a week and her parent will continue to give her massage at home. With Un Un cooperation and willing to improve herself, makes the massage more effective.

We welcome you to view the amazing session of Thai massage for Un Un.

We hope that you will find this session a pilot for more massage for more special children.

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