Thai Massage Healing for Special Children
Baba Farid Center for Special Children Faridcot, Punjab, India
27 September - 1 October, 2010

Welcoming ceremony
Traditional Indian to honor the teachers at the center by Dr. Vipan (director) and 15 therapists and some of the children and parents.

Three centers provide treatments to over 200 children.
There is no massage in the current treatment.

Thai Massage Healing for Special Children

TMC school has developed curriculum aiming to integrate Thai massage and physiotherapy for special children with severe condition… Starts with training adult learners in pair to understand the foundation of Thai massage for special children.

Total 16 students: 2 physicians : 14 therapists from all 3 centers participated in the training.

Over 200 children receiving care from the 3 centers normally.
During the training, there are 42 children participating.

Training with the children

Physical examination the children will find many of them have curved spine due to limping movement.

TMC training includes combination of Thai massage and physiotherapy for the children.

The mother learns to massage her own daughter with love.

There are so many children with brilliant smiles on weak bodies.

The teachers, students, parents and the children are so eager to learn with hope to the better...

Combine Thai massage with physiotherapy is the most effective healing for the children. They gain both physical development and spiritual healing.

Some upset and cry while many laugh with joy...

Some pray to get better.

Appreciation from the little hearts for the healing hands.

You will always be in our hearts.

After class time, they continue to practice the lessons into the night at the center on their own. Appreciation to their pair at the end of training

Time to cerebrate for the hard work and honorable moment.

The people who make this humanitarian event happen and complete:
(right) Assistant Professor Sulibhorn Cheewapanich
(center) Dr. Vipan Kumar
(left) Teacher Tanyaluck Wongjuk

Farewell to beautiful people of the earth - the children and all the staff...
There is no boundary for love and caring and for sharing of knowledge to help one another. That is the pure nature of Thai massage to help mankind with two hands and the heart.

Reflecting lives in India. Less but more...

Charity is the expression of LOVE
Help is not asking but is needed.
If anyone wish to reach out for thecenters in India, please contact:
Dr Vipan Kumar
Baba Farid Naturopathy & Yoga Care Center

...with love from TMC
The training and all traveling expenses are supported by
TMC school and SPF foundation, Thailand for the special children of India.

The journey of sharing knowledge has no end...



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