If you are searching for Thai massage therapists in your area, you may be able to find one near you from this list. Due to privacy and confidentiality, these names are partial list of the graduates of Thai massage professional therapists that we are able to obtain their permission to post their contact information here. We have 1,500 graduates from around the world. This list is just started, so, it may take some time to have more names of the professional therapists available to you.

The Thai massage therapists in this roster have completed at least the Intensive Professional Thai Massage Therapist 150 Hour Curriculum as required by the Thai Ministry of Public Health for Thai citizens in order to practice Thai massage to the public in Thailand.

Several therapists have also completed Government Certified Thai Massage Professional and Teacher Training 300 and 600 Hour Curriculums. (Please see GCT Global for additional roster, click here)




Other contact

Australia Johanna Otto Jootto12@hotmail.com FB: Johanna Otto
Australia Aurelie Splawski lalys9@hotmail.com  
Australia Jack Ruhle jackwilliamruhie@gmail.com 431522448
Australia Heath Gibbons heathgibbons@mail.com  
Australia Anirudh Inuganti anirudhinuganti@gmail.com  
Australia Luzaan Leeb luzaanleeb@hotmail.com luluxploremore.com
Australia Danielle Smith daniellesmiff@gmail.com  
Australia Jaime E. Cowley jaime_cowley@hotmail.com themartialmovement.net
Australia Coulibaly Daouda David dprana.dc@gmail.com  
Austria Verena Perschon Verena.perschon@gmail.com  
Austria Luiz Polizeli luiz_polizeli@hotmail.com  
Belgium Pricillia Collin pricillia.collin@gmail.com http://massage-seraing.webnode.be/
Belgium Lazarus Isabelle lazarusisabelle@hotmail.com Facebook: Yin Dee Thaimassage
Belgium Marie El Asmar Marie.elasmar@gmail.com  
Belgium Sandra Hilaerts Sandra_hilaerts@hotmail.com  
Belgium Debels Sebastian flow.therapeutics@telenet.be  
Belgium Inka Vervust Inka.vervust@gmail.com  
Belgium Dardenne Fleur fleur.dardenne@gmail.com  
Brazil Marion Conseil Marion.conseil@gmail.com  
Brazil Laura Mariante Ferreira Lauramariante@gmail.com  
Brazil Luiz Polizeli luiz_polizeli@hotmail.com  
Brazil Clever Ricardo Chinaglia clever.ricardo@gmail.com  
Brazil Diego V. M. Pereira diego_marzzitelli@hotmail.com  Instragram : @MAZZITELLID
Brazil Emerson Yuji Osako emersonosako@gmail.com  
Bulgaria Nikolay Aleksandrov Benov nikibenar@yahoo.com  
Bulgaria Preslava Dimitrova Preslava_net@mail.bg  
Bulgaria Mladen Kostadinov Varbanov MLADENKV@ABV.BG  
Bulgaria Margarita Nedeva mnadal@abr.bg www.mnadalbg.com
Cambodia Olek Borelli Olek.borelli@gmail.com FRENCHELEMENT
Canada Joan Sinclair joan@rusticredstone.com  
Canada Roxanne Baird Shine8out@gmail.com shine8out.ca
Canada Anastasia Migneault   prehabpro.net
Canada Constance Au hello@Constanceau.com constanceau.com
Canada Anne-marie Baker Ambaker.72@gmail.com  
Canada Sarah Tang Sarahtang99@gmail.com about.me/gofindsarah
Canada Grant Martens book@siriushealth.ca siriushealth.ca
Canada Alex Likourgiotis alexlikourgiotis@gmail.com  
Canada Dima Afaneh Afaneh22@hotmail.com  
Canada Wendy Procter info@gwenxi.com  
Canada Cathy Wilson chameleon2005@gmail.com   
Canada Suthida Swanson (Apple) lethbridegethaimassage@gmail.com lethbridgethaimassage.com
Canada Florence Scheepers flps.fitness@gmail.com www.superwomentraining.com
Canada Kayla Walters ilovebenjamin03@gmail.com  
Canada Rattana Wright rattanawright@gmail.com  
Canada Solomon Samson Seow solomon_seow@hotmail.com FB: Solomon Seow
Chile Daniela Valenzuela Gutierrez danicanela85@gmail.com  
Chile Alan Cahoon clancahoon@gmail.com  
Chile Celesta del Transito Munoz Moldenhaver Celeste_MM7@yahoo.com Blackdahlia23@gmail.com , WSP+56983240962
Chile Veronica Vega Guzman veroguzman@hotmail.com FB: patagoniarelax
Chile Domenica Zuleta odindome@gmail.com  
Chile Javiera Motis javiera.mutis.frias@gmail.com  
Chile Carmen Mariano carmenmariano@gmail.com  
Chile Macarena Gutierrez Puch mg.puch@gmail.com  
Chile Javier Mozo Javier_mozo@hotmail.com  
China Zhou Zhen Gong 18720082117@163.com  
China Chen Yuan 38470036@qq.com  
China Xiaofan Zhang/ Bruce Zhang Bruce-zhang-xf@163.com  
China Huang Ying 93427524@qq.com  
China Dazhuang Tian finntian@hotmail.com WeChat: 506301089
China Echo Huazi Zhang 123060272@qq.com, echoguangzhou@gmail.com WeChat: 13560210612
Colombia Juan Tirado Juantirado@gmail.com  
Colombia Juanita Garcia Caro juanag84@gmail.com  
Costa Rica Thais Elena Fleitas Hidalgo thaiselenafh@gmail.com terapiasholisticas-esenciasdelser.com
Cyprus Elina Ilia iselinaelia@gmail.com  
Cyprus Panayiotis Kitsis kitsisp@gmail.com  
Cyprus Dionysia Toulanta dionysia@exclusivethaimassage.com exclusivethaimassage.com
Cyprus Ingrida Mikelioniene alchemike@hotmail.com FB:Ingrida Mikelioniene
Cyprus Nasia Ellina Ellina.nasia@gmail.com  
Cyprus Albina zabolotnya albinossz@gmail.com  
Denmark John Leslye Toro info@thaimassagerevivalproject.dk thaimassagerevivalproject.dk
Denmark Sergei Christensen sergeichristensen@hotmail.com  
Denmark Katja Lind KL@deziro.dk deziro.dk
Denmark Vittoria Lasorella vittorialasorella@gmail.com  
Denmark Henrik Martin Anderson elriknamaste@gmail.com  
Egypt Maii Waleed Yassin Elsadek maii.waleed.yassin@gmail.com FB: Maii Waleed, Phone: (002)01005197105
Ethiopia Sofnias Nega negasofnias@gmail.com  
Finland Nina-Kaarin Rosten nina.rosten@gmail.com  
Finland Mikko Saavalainen msmixmax@gmail.com  
Finland Benny Sundbacka benny.sundbacka@gmail.com  
France Le Goff Goofy@waika9.com  
France Julie Cipolla cipollajulie15@gmail.com  
France Krupskaia-Indra Quevedo Krupsq@gmail.com  
France Clement Schersach Clement.schersach@gmail.com  
France Marion Conseil Marion.conseil@gmail.com  
France Dupouy Lueile Lueile.dupouy@gmail.com  
France Helene Huleux helenehuleux@gmail.com  
France Ludovic Menzato ludovicmenzato@gmail.com  
France Manon Soussi Mononsoussi@yahoo.fr  
France Nicolas Leve Brotheryogicap@gmail.com Brotheryogicap.com
France Pesche Audrey Audrey.pesche@gmail.com  
France Monique Pinard Mp95270@gmail.com  
France Anais Hattier Anais.hattier@hotmail.com FB:Anais Hattier
France Hoarau Idriss Hoarau.idriss@gmail.com  
France Maryon Vibes Mariyon.therapie@gmail.com FB:Maryon Vibes/ maryonhypnotherapie.wordpress.com
France Hermann Rouille Mamhann01@gmail.com  
France Etienne Lorre tienelorre@hotmail.fr  
France Pierre Mollet Notwentyeight28@gmail.com  
France Nicole Bucker nicole.bucker@gmail.com  
France Charlot June junecharlot@yahoo.fr   
France Raphael Desglene contact@raphaelmagnetiseur.com raphaelmagnetiseur.com
France Ziad Mater ziad.mater@me.com  
France Estelle Gracia estelle.gracia@laposte.net  
France Gary Wittig gsdblu@yahoo.com  
France Aurelien Pellaquin   Imotep Sports Massage 
France Nathalie Bernard lyashina@hotmail.com  
France Laetitia Fournier ed.laetitia.fournier@gmail.com  
France Arnault Charriere arnault.charriere@gmail.com  
France Coulibaly Daouda David dprana.dc@gmail.com  
Germany Maki Shimizu Makis119@gmail.com Makishimizu.com
Germany Mareike Decker Mareike.kd@gmx.de  
Germany Louise Lutz Louise.luts@gmx.de  
Germany Sabine Habauer praxis@sabineharbauer.de sabineharbauer.de
Germany Schakeb Anwari schakeb@googlemail.com  
Germany Sergei Christensen sergeichristensen@hotmail.com  
Germany Annabelle Von Brunn annabelle.von.brunn@gmx.de  
Germany Dieter Wagner Dieter.wagneraposfeo.de  
Germany Franziska Reachke Franziska.reschke@icloud.com ren-lines.studio
Germany Marisa wendt Marisa.wendt@gmail.com  
Germany Manuela Weiss info@anandayoga-hanau.net anadayoga-hanau.de
Germany Jampa Thinley Jamthin@yahoo.com  
Germany Tom Kube Tom.kube@gmx.net FB: Tom QB
Germany Canan Hoti cananlee@web.de dermassageraum.de 
Germany Julio Evora Leon leon4real2001@yahoo.de  
Germany Catrin Leistikow (Crow Cat Massage) catrin.leistikow@crowcat.de www.crowcat.de
Germany Alin Hornea alinhornea@gmail.com  
Germany Saskia Schrapp sassi.schrapp97@gmx.de  
Germany Gabriela Gluese gabi_gluese@freenet.de  
Germany Anne Berger anneberger@live.de  
Germany Florian Pfitzner florian-pfitzner@gmx.de  
Germany Josephine Brunner feeltouched@posteo.de  
Germany Edward Roberts fiveminute@hotmail.co.uk  
Germany Dominik Bylinski dbylinski@gmail.com  
Greece Dionysia Toulanta dionysia@exclusivethaimassage.com https://exclusivethaimassage.com
Greece Stavros vogiatzis stavrosvsd@gmail.com  
Greece Minas Gioulis minasgioulis@gmail.com  
Guatemala Nissan Auerbach Nissan@gmail.com Elementalalchemy.org
Hong Kong Ho Chun Pong xenek.hp@gmail.com Line: xkho
Hungary Robert Molnar momika@citromail.hu  
India Fleur Soumer Loti fleursoumer@yahoo.fr, sitapondicherry@gmail.com Pondicherry-arts.com
Indonesia Lucy Djuhari lucy.djuhari@yahoo.com FB, IG:  lucy djuhari
Indonesia Roi Hidayat roihidayat@yahoo.com  
Ireland Gary Seaton gary_seaton@hotmail.com  
Ireland Almina Binkauskiene Privatus.almina@gmail.com  
Ireland Jozsef Cseh jozsefcseh4@gmail.com  
Ireland Anamaria Miholca annie.miholca@gmail.com  
Israel Ido Amram Lior7146@gmail.com  
Israel Ella Roxanne ellaroxannebatwin@gmail.com  
Israel Nir Freedman Freedy1983@gmail.com FB:Nir Freedman
Israel Ido Kopelevich idokop@gmail.com  
Italy Riccardo Rosato Riccardorosato90@gmail.com  
Italy Laura Melchiori laliila8@gmail.com Lauramelchiori.it
Italy Simon John Light simonlight@hotmail.com  
Italy Stefano Ermenegildo Cintio gildo@frakamal.it frakamal.it
Italy Eleonora Fanega eleonorafanega@yahoo.it Facebook: Maykan Di Rodolou
Italy Viviana Acampora acamporaviviana@gamail.com  
Italy Alice Giordani alibabin@gmail.com  
Italy Gianfranco Bossari gianfrancobossari@gmail.com  
Italy Alfredo Dettori alfredodettori@gmail.com,  yogathairebalance@gmail.com massaggio.business.site
Italy Eleonora Tonelli Eleonora.tonelli@hotmail.com  
Italy Tatiana Deflorian tatiana.deflorian@gmail.com  
Italy Marica Cima marica.cima@virgilio.it  
Italy Santin Francesca francisantin@hotmail.it  
Italy Marco Agostini malcomstini79@gmail.com  
Japan Aya Murakami aya.murakami.au@gmail.com  
Japan Kanako Higa Clumsygirl1130@yahoo.co.jp  
Kazakhstan Victoria Polozova vpvictoriapol@gmail.com  
Kazakhstan Andrey Dorosavtsev andr-lisiy@mail.ru Phone: +66911575613
Korea Pak Byeong Ho vona21c@naver.com   
Korea Park Sun Wook vona21c@naver.com   
Latvia Inga Ule Inga.ule21@gmail.com Facebook:Inga Ule
Lithuania Asta Saduikyte Asta.saduikyte@gmail.com  
Lithuania Simona Rudokaite    
Lithuania Irmantas Einikas einikas.irmantas@gmail.com gydanciurankuprisilietimas.lt
Lithuania Julius Peciulevicius julius.peciulevicius@gmail.com Facebook: Julius Pe
Malaysia Tracy Chan tracychan412@gmail.com  
Mauritius Deep Ganga Lutchmi Nunhuck mvacances7@gmail.com  
Mexico Juanita Garcia Caro Juanag84@gmail.com  
Morocco Ziad Mater ziad.mater@me.com  
Netherlands Vivien Nooij viviennooij@hotmail.com  
Netherlands Tuijthof C. carobeng@hotmail.com radianceenergyhealing.nl
Netherlands Monika Stepak lifeforlife@live.com healthinmovement.nl
Netherlands Pierre Mollet Notwentyeight28@gmail.com  
Netherlands Jouke van der Veer vd4tjes@xs4all.nl www.essence.support
Netherlands Helena Foczpanska helena.foczpanska@gmail.com  
Netherlands Bas Janssen info@holisticformation.nl www.holisticformation.nl
Netherlands Ioana Bacanu ioana.bacanu.s@gmail.com  
Netherlands Aree Chiangchaiyaphum info@tmpleersum.nl www.tmpleersum.nl
New Zealand Geys Lieze liezegeys1991@gmail.com  
New Zealand Lisa Schulz-Knox info@bodywise-movingwell.com bodywise-movingwell.com
New Zealand Maria Emelyanova Mahadevi.maria@gmail.com FB: Shiny Smile
New Zealand Natalia Nesterova Nesterok1@gmail.com  
New Zealand Eunhee Kim Eh2stella@yahoo.com  
New Zealand Dmitriy Ageyev Ageyev1993@gmail.com  
New Zealand Daniela Reyes dm.reyescorrales@gmail.com  
Norway Siw Anett Birkelund sa_birkelund@hotmail.com  
Norway Marita Johansen meg_johansen@hotmail.com  
Norway Aidan Winther aidanpiwi@gmail.com  
Peru Frank Erick Paredes Vilchez frank.paredes.vilchez@hotmail.com  
Peru Pedro Carrillo pedro@yogadetoxperu.com www.yogadetoxperu.com
Philippine Febbie Bernales Espanola febbieespanola70@gmail.com 09292115242, 01112642757
Poland Joanna Kubiakowska asia@polifonia.org  
Poland Monika Stepak lifeforlife@live.com healthinmovement.nl
Poland Edyta Nowak edyta_nowak@interia.pl   
Poland Jagoda Glinska javelinoya@gmail.com  
Poland Natalia Karagiorgis thundermonkey@chef.net  
Poland Dominik Bylinski dbylinski@gmail.com  
Portugal Yohan Mongis contact@goldmassge.pt https://goldmassage.pt/
Portugal Heidy Ester Teixeira Gomez beautysecrets_heidy@hotmail.com  
Portugal Vania Ladeiro vania.ladeiro@gmail.com  
Portugal Viktoriia Zhura Pessoa viktoriia.zhura.pessoa@gmail.com Facebook: Viktoriia Zhura
Romania Mircea Orasanu Mircea.orasanu@gmail.com  
Romania Anamaria Miholca annie.miholca@gmail.com  
Romania Alin Hornea alinhornea@gmail.com  
Russia Sergey Selikhov jelihovsooo@gmail.com Vishva.ru
Russia Elizabeta Belmezhdub Lizia@inbox.ru  
Russia Viktoriia Alba (Alborova) justvictory333@gmail.com FB: Victory Alborova
Saint Lucia Alana Belas charmen2006@hotmail.com  
Saudiarabia Carolina Undug Bunsoy caltrisha@yahoo.com, cbunsoy@dah.edu.sa  
Scotland Jennifer Roberts Jennyr6521@gmail.com  
Scotland Michel Lamache themonkeywithinyou@gmail.com  
Singapore Cheryl cherylkqy@gmail.com   
Singapore Wilson Tok bernardzsm@gmail.com, wilson@neurofeedback-asia.com www.neurofeedback-asia.com
Slovakia Carmen Roldan abrilroldan@hotmail.com  
South Africa Roeline Hansen Roelineho727@gmail.com  
South Africa Tristan Cooke tristancooke18@gmail.com  
Spain Xiao Ying Li info@masajes-xiaoying-madrid.com masajes-xiaoying-madrid.com
Spain Jose Ignacio Asiain Asiain13@hotmail.com  
Spain Lucas Sturm lucas.sturm@gmail.com  
Spain Valerie Diaz info@niskalayogamallorca.com FB: @niskalayogamallorca / IG: @niskalayogamallorca / +34 674687985
Spain Clara Calvo Benet calvobenetclara098@gmail.com FB: Clara Calvo Benet
Spain Felix Gomez Lopez gmlp_felix@hotmail.com FB: FELIX GL
Switzerland Raphael Emery erlevalaisan@hotmail.com  
Switzerland Marta Duran massagethai@outlook.com massagethai.sitew.ch
Switzerland Sylvia Kraus Sylvia.kraus108@gmail.com vedanta-healing.ch
Switzerland Andreas Weber Erdna1985@hotmail.com  
Switzerland Isabel Furrer isafurrer@hotmail.com yogaliciausluzern.ch
Switzerland Severin Govinda Lory govinda@gmx.ch  
Switzerland Antje Bloch info@antjebloch.ch antjebloch.ch
Switzerland Sophie C. Lanz Slater Sophie.lanz.slater@gmail.com  
Switzerland Golay Aurelie aurelie_golay@hotmail.com Facebook: Aurelie Golay
Switzerland Thomas Badger badger.thomas@gmail.com  
Switzerland Recha Foffa mail@recha.world www.recha.world
Switzerland Akane Hartenbach akane.hartenbach@gmail.com  
Switzerland Rebecca Hodges rebecca.honor.hodges@gmail.com  
Switzerland Rebekka Cococcia rcococcia-rueegg@hispeed.ch  
Sweden Veronika Adamova Veronica.adamova@hotmail. com Facebook : Veronika Adamova
Sweden Vasilios Dirhalids massagebyvassilis@outlook.com www.massagebyvassilis.com
Taiwan Kang Chi Liu Ray1975taipei@hotmail.com  
Taiwan Sheena Lu Yucheng0981230526@gmail.com  
Taiwan Cathy Wilson chameleon2005@gmail.com   
Taiwan Oli Hurez olihurez@yahoo.co.uk  
Tanzania Ummy Ntuzu Mshoicerh umymtunzu@gmail.com Phone: 255717201413
Turkey Mehmet Karaca mehmeettkaraca@gmail.com  
Turkey Neva Karadavut neva.alken@gmail.com www.ozkankaradavut.com
Turkey Ozkan Karadavut ozkankaradavut@gmail.com www.ozkankaradavut.com
Ukraine Soboruk Olena tmcschoolukraine@gmail.com www.tmcschoolukraine.com
Ukraine Yaroslav Maksymchuk vserazreshend@gmail.com  
United Kingdom Stewart Hay Stewart_hay@yahoo.co.uk FB: stewart lister hay
United Kingdom Lucy O'keefe 10massagetherapy@gmail.com FB:Lucy o'keefe massage therapy
United Kingdom Charlotte Slater charlotte-slater@hotmail.co.uk beewmoutgueat
United Kingdom David Zotes Cambara davidtherapeuticmassage@gmail.com  
United Kingdom Mary Brown mary@hotmail.com FB: maryukfacebook
United Kingdom Dina Patel Divinedina22@hotmail.com  
United Kingdom Kerry Evans Keevans78@yahoo.com  
United Kingdom Naomi Goodridge   7738277005
United Kingdom Ivan Vellinov ivellino@yahoo.com  
United Kingdom Orsolya Toth T_orsolya@yahoo.com  
United Kingdom Xiaofan Zhang/ Bruce Zhang Bruce-zhang-xf@163.com  
United Kingdom Jidapha Wilkinson jidaphasthaimassage@hotmail.co.uk  
United Kingdom Jaime E. Cowley jaime_cowley@hotmail.com www.themartialmovement.net
United Kingdom Henry J Stockley hjstockley1@gmail.com  
United Kingdom Mark Battistini markbattistini12@gmail.com  
United Kingdom William Aitken willa0509@gmail.com  
United Kingdom Joanne C. Miller joanne.miller22@yahoo.co.uk  
United Kingdom Anna Feng Yip annayip1@gmail.com (0044) 7584 639469
United Kingdom Rebecca Hodges rebecca.honor.hodges@gmail.com  
United Kingdom Everton Rocha everton_favarinrocha@hotmail.com  
United Kingdom Igor Urmanschi iigor2124@gmail.com  
United Kingdom Vania Ladeiro vania.ladeiro@gmail.com  
Unted Kingdom Andy Banks andy.russell.banks@gmail.com  
United Kingdom Maxine McGinley info@endeavoursofttissuetherapy.co.uk endeavoursofttissuetherapy.co.uk
United Kingdom Anna Sobecka sob_anka@yahoo.co.uk  
United Kingdom Dominik Bylinski dbylinski@gmail.com  
United Kingdom Angie O'Keeffe    
United Kingdom Carmen Roldan abrilroldan@hotmail.com  
United State of America Karsten Beck Karibmassagetherapy@gmail.com FB: KariBmassage
United State of America Christina Jacobs csacobsmassage@gmail.com  
United State of America Natasha Fix Nateve2000@yahoo.com skincareforyou.com 813.270.9084,813.661.4252
United State of America Wyatt Stasinos wyatt.stasinos@gmail.com  
United State of America Brian Chamowitz Brian.chamowitz@gmail.com  
United State of America Jazmine Ruppenthal Jazzy90@sbcglobal.net  
United State of America Bonni Sue Schopp travelinggypsyhippie@gmail.com travelinggypsyhippie.com
United State of America Frank A Miller Ktb2013@att.net  
United State of America Chelsea Wille yaalinidevi@gmail.com  
Unite State of America Alexandra Coutinho-Buy xandybuys@yahoo.com Facebook: Alexandra Coutinho-Buys, Yoga with Alexandra
United State of America Florencia Renedo flor.healthcoach@gmail.com  
United State of America Roy Rozman royrozman@gmail.com  
United State of America Eun Jung Choi ejgnyc@gmail.com/ nuadboranphilly@gmail.com Ejgnyc.wixsite.com/nuad-boran-philly
United State of America Guillermo Ortega Tanus saranje@gmail.com go@guillermoortega.net
United State of America Eliot Ferrer Bodyworker822@gmail.com  
United State of America Dr. Chas "Yogi" Ferris coloradosummer@hotmail.com massagebook.com/biz/
United State of America Mr. James Peters ebriummassage@gmail.com equilibriumtherapy.org
United State of America Catherine Calmels Rhcpcloors23@gmail.com, Venomcata305@hotmail.com Facebook: Cata Calmels
United State of America Ryan Rodriguez Ryan.Rodriguez71@yahoo.com  
United State of America Nissan Auerbach Nissan@gmail.com Elementalalchemy.org
United State of America Randy Harden Rlharden44@gmail.com AARKmovement.org
United State of America Austin Paugh Smithwilson432@gmail.com FB: Austin Paugh
United State of America Ryan Von Otten Ry.vo@icloud.com Francisyancoeur.com
United State of America Mara Goldfine Maragoldfine@gmail.com Maragoldfine.com
United State of America John Samuel worldtravellerforlfe@icloud  
United State of America Pamela Pahati Pam.pahati@gmail.com pammyogini.com
United State of America Lance K.H.Dominguez Lkhamassage@gmail.com LKD Massage 1-808-772-8319
United State of America Mariia Boichenko mari.a.jee.mari@gmail.com FB:Maria Jee 
United State of America Lalita Vayavananda L.vayavananda@gmail.com  
United State of America Corinne Rollolazo couturechameleon@gmail.com  
United State of America Kelly Whitney Kellynicolewhitney@yahoo.com  
United State of America Amber Richardson Ambersjr108@gmail.com  
United State of America Troy Flathau troyflathaumassage@yahoo.com  
United State of America Sarah Elizabeth Newsome yoga.sarah.new@gmail.com  
United State of America Stephanie Lowenski slobenet@gmail.com  
United State of America Leah Crosby leah.h.crosby@gmail.com   
United State of America Thomas Badger badger.thomas@gmail.com  
United State of America Celeste Williams celestewilliams@gmail.com , lonosmassage@gmail.com AMTA Website
United State of America Brandy Buckley b.buckleylmt@gmail.com   
United State of America Lucas Corson lucascorson@ymail.com  
United State of America Sokline Peterhans artsysoki@sokline.com  
United State of America Michelle Checchia mchecchia@ymail.com  
United State of America Max Lingo maxdlingo@gmail.com  
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United State of America Derek Green derek-green1@hotmail.com  
United State of America Lauren Dandurand laurendandurand1997@gmail.com  
United State of America Patrick Krupske pmklmt87@gmail.com  
United State of America Gianna Purcell info@giannayoga.com giannayoga.com
United State of America Martin Taylor rory.nomad@gmail.com  
United State of America Daniela Arias arias.j.daniela@gmail.com  
United State of America Margaret Coffen margaretcoffen30@gmail.com  
United State of America Tayler Blodgett blodgetttay@gmail.com  
United State of America Cortney Mykins mykinslmt@gmail.com  
United State of America Robert Covinton robert@relaxmeridian.com www.relaxmeridian.com
Vietnam Loan Thi Phuong Bui info@vodungspa.com, info@cidesco.com.vn Vodungspa.com, cidesco.com.vn, massagethai.com.vn
Vietnam Nhung Ntnhung84@yahoo.com  
Vietnam Ngo Thi Thu Huong Ngohuong.hp.92@gmail.com  
Vietnam Tran Thao Vi vivian140986@yahoo.com Facebook: vi thao tran, Website: carewithlove.com.vn
Vietnam Ngo Thi Thanh Thuy (Sophia) thuyngo.sophia@gmail.com Facebook: sophiango_isvnu
Vietnam Nguyen Quang Minh jadenminh.nguyen@gmail.com Facebook: Massage cung Jaden
Wales Emma Bird emmasmobilebeautyservice@hotmail.co.uk  
World Wide Rino Nigro rinonigro@hotmail.com  
Zambia Corney Mykins mykinslmt@gmail.com  



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