"What I should look for when searching
for massage school or college?

Thinking about going to Thailand for Thai Massage courses?

Here are points to ponder when you select a place for your education.

  1. Choosing a Thai massage school or massage college is the most important decisions you have to make. It is both a large investment of time and money. Your cost starts from the time to plan, enrollment, booking flight, arrangement for leaving work, paying rent or mortgage in advance – or storage, car payment, placement for dogs - cats— all these care and costs continue even while you are in class learning!
  2. Hence, the investment in education is not just tuition fee but large portion is all of the above plus your valuable time! When comparing the tuition fee, it’s wise to look at the content and the result not only the hour show on the diploma and the price tag. The old saying still applies “You get what you pay for”.
  3. See if the school has the clear content of each course, and if not shown in the website, is it possible to request for one? Check if what stated in the course content meet your time and objective? Bring the content to class with you and make sure you get what promised to you.
  4. Does the school provide written documents that are clearly explained the school policies- deposit, refund- tuition fee and other expenses and application process?
  5. Does the school offer fair refund policy? So, you don’t have to get stuck if the course does not meet you expectation and waste both your time and investment money beside the tuition fee.
  6. Does the school provide post graduate support i.e. response to massage college and other institutions on students’ request when they apply for higher education, feedback to students’ questions concerning massage situations and how to handle them?
  7. Does the school philosophy and work reaching out to community as an ancient healing teaching would do? The school must have “heart” of giving, not just taking.
  8. While you are not in Thailand, it is difficult to know which is true and which is just on the paper. So, it is best to review testimonials and ask for references from former students of the school, you can inquire from the school about the students in your area. Ask them from this list if the answers meet your requirement. They are your fellowmen; they will only want what is best for you.
  9. Is it in the right location for a school? What are other services provide to make learning more comfortable?
  10. When you are in Thailand, visit the school to see and feel, check out all the textbooks - workbooks for each class, talk with current students if you are there during their lunch or break time.

Check List when visit the school:

  • Does the school have lecture room facility, equipped with modern educational tools i.e. projector, visual aid, anatomical charts, skeletal large size and various sizes for classroom?
  • Does classroom have good ventilation and adequate size?
    Too large a room will have much distraction during practice,
    too small is cramming. How is the ventilation? In Thailand the classroom must be air-conditioning, otherwise it will be too warm and not healthy for learning. Are mattress and pillows adequate – clean- and fresh sheet provided? Does it have bathroom in convenient location? Learning Thai massage, cleanliness and toxin - cleansing is important.
  • What is the teacher/student ratio per classroom?
  • Does the school provide reading area and reference books for further review?
  • Does the school provide break area, filter drink water, or better yet with hot herbal tea.
  • Does the school provide fresh practice clothes daily?
  • This service helps reduce the load on carriage for students.
    Also appropriate massage outfit is conducive for both receiver and giver for comfort and good health.

Take a look at what we have to offer at TMC:
We are wholeheartedly aware of your large investment for coming to study Thai massage that is much more above the tuition fee. That is why, every minute counts at TMC.  We make sure that students receive education according to the course outline and to meet objective and more.  
We don’t just teach Thai massage, but also Thai culture.

We choose to be away from the crowded city and to be in the serene— peaceful location next to the canal with nearby markets for students to enjoy variety of food. We provide transportation service to ease students’ burden each school day. Students live both worlds — in the city evening time and at school by the water during study time.

We sincerely want student to have the best Thai Massage education, no matter what massage school or massage college is chosen. However, at TMC we strive by all means to provide the highest quality of education for students. We would like students to have memorable educational trip in Thailand to keep and enjoy with life-long friends.

The best way is searching as much information what you can before making a large investment of your time and money.

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